Originally posted on Chrysanthemum Marketing:

Ever sit in a meeting fidgeting, thinking “what a waste of time”?  (Ever breathe?)  Without a doubt, we can be better at running them. But what about being a better participant — contributing more value, engaging more effectively with colleagues and partners?

The thought occurred to me after I raced out of what I labelled a tedious Product Camp session.  I complained to Pat Scherer who recommended visual note taking a la Sunni Brown.  Her notes from an hour-long Agile session were on a single page, a circular mix of words, lines and drawings. Some very excited figures in a boat were in a scrum, collaborating.

Sunni Brown's doodle for the future of learning.

Sunni Brown’s doodle for the future of learning.

Visualizing information uses a different filter than copying down words. In some ways it’s like a game, but there’s more going on. The brain has to translate that ticker tape of thoughts in multiple ways. The…

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