Apple Computer Innovation: The User as a Branding Partner


Apple Innovation: The User as Branding Partner

Another difference we should take into consideration when comparing Apple to its archrival, (Microsoft), is that up to very recently they were both focusing on different markets.

Microsoft took a “mass” strategy approach. Where it hoped to get the attention of the masses rather than focusing on a specific “sector” or user persona. Their second focus was on corporations needing massive number of units. While this approach helps to gather the value of size and standardization. It is a weak model to promote customer loyalty – the moment a rival with similar (or better) features and better prices comes along – the Microsoft customer is gone. Given the emerging presence of countries like China jumping in the ring soon with their ability to undercut any competitor – we will see how long Microsoft can keep its market.

Apple has focused consistently on the trendsetters, the innovators (the artists, graphic designers, motion graphics artists, filmmakers, etc), this strategy has paid double benefits as this effort forces Apple to consistently “push” its innovative efforts and stay on the cutting edge of technology and user experience.

Given the exhalted image of the creative culture we can expect this sector to continue growing steadily, as more musicians, more designers, more filmmakers step up to the table of the moveable and digital feast.

For years now PCs have been in the marketplace with more powerful processors that afford these computers fasters speeds. Processor speed has added to a list of reasons why Apple has been at risk of losing the creative market. Apple’s recent adoption of the Intel chip for the dual processor G5 Macs will provide a test to find out if the creative market stays or leaves Apple.

I bet that the creative folks will remain strongly loyal to Apple.

– Daniel Montano
Author of Innovation Strategies of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. Analyzes the innovation strategies of P&G, Apple, IDEO, eBay, GE, Gillette, IBM, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, Target, Toyota, IKEA, Virgin, and companies nominated by BusinessWeek Magazine as the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” ©2006 Daniel Montano.
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