e-Book: Innovation Strategies by Daniel Montano


PLEASE NOTE: This book is no longer available. A new version is being considered.

eBook: Innovation Strategies: An Overview of Innovation Tactics Used by the World’s Most Innovative Companies (2006). Daniel Montaño.

Well, the Innovation book is done and ready. It’s a total of 156 pages.

The book takes a look at some of the most well-known companies out there and their innovation tactics. The companies include Apple, IDEO, IBM, GE, eBay, Nokia, Procter & Gamble (and recently acquired Gillette), Phillips, Samsung, Target, IKEA, Toyota, and Virgin.

The book was inspired by a business magazine article on “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” (March 2006). Rather than debate if those are really the most innovative companies in the world I decided to take a look at how each of these companies is innovating.

Innovation is no longer just what happens in R&D, nor in the design shops, innovation is happening at every level of the organization. Every staff member can contribute to the innovation efforts.

– Daniel Montano

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