eBay: Business Model and the Customer Experience


eBay: Business Model and the Customer Experience

It is hard to ignore the behavioral qualities in the eBay business model where, in most cases, users are rewarded with highly desired goods or money when they interact with the website.

A consideration of eBay’s user experience would not be complete without acknowledging the psychological and emotional elements inherent in the business model:

• Mystery and discovery of the real marketplace value for a product
• Excitement from creating a webpage that is live and available for everyone to see (A related idea to the one that fuels myspace).
• Thrill of bidder competition
• Mystery as experienced by a seller (who wonders much their goods will sell for?)
• Adrenalin through bidder competition
• Fear and insomnia caused by bidder competition
• Anger , jealousy and frustration when getting beat on a bid
• Happiness, excitement, exhilaration when becoming a “winner” by submitting the winning bid.

-Daniel Montano


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