Holistic or Multispective System Analysts. The change agents that capture the big picture of innovation opportunities.


A few days I proposed the introduction of Socio-Cultural Systems Analysts as “business analysts”.

I think this is still a limited perspective. Perhaps these indidividuals could be part of a team of analysts but we need an even wider picture – we need the “Holistic System Analysts” or better, the “Multispective System Analysts”.

These individuals are the “connectors” and “harvesters” of implicit and explicit information and knowledge in the world at large.

Their main duty would be to analyze across disciplines to bring together a matrix of value concept opportunities.

– Daniel Montaño
Author of Innovation Strategies of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. Analyzes the innovation strategies of P&G, Apple, IDEO, eBay, GE, Gillette, IBM, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, Target, Toyota, IKEA, Virgin, and companies nominated by BusinessWeek Magazine as the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” in ©2006 Daniel Montano


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