Multispective Design and the Multi-cultural Experience


Multispection and the Multi-Cultural Relevant Experience

There are some things computer can’t do.

We need to focus on those things. These processes are mostly different ways of thinking that are so complex that AI (artificial Intelligence) programmers may need decades to figure out.

Multiculturalism is one of those things. The concept of culture is hard enough to map out in a computer matrix – add multi-cultural perspectives and it gets exponentially complex.

Realizing Our Multicultural Wealth
Here in the U.S. we have a gold mine it’s called “Multi-cultural Diversity”.

We (some of our cities) have indivduals that represent different frameworks from around the world. This is cultural wealth.

Our opportunity
I believe Multi-cultural competence will be the key to the future relevance of our products, and systems.

(My more idealistic side wants to believe that a multispective mindframe and multi-cultural competence are also the key to human understanding and peaceful co-existence.)

But before we “save the world” for now let’s consider an approach to the user experience that includes:
– prototyping,
– testing
– multispection (taking into consideration multicultural frameworks)
– contextual ethnographic research

Human Factors and Ergonomics considerations without a multi-cultural dimension is not going to be enough in the future.

multispective mindframe = ability to conceptualize from different perspectives

multi-cultural competence = ability to be competent across cultural frameworks

– Daniel Montano

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