Multispectives, a Philosophy for Innovation


Multispectives, Philosophy for Innovation.

The term of multispectives, by its very nature of continuous inquiry cycles seems to be shifting and growing in meaning. This is my latest conceptualization of multispectives.

Multispectives is an integral philosophy that embraces thought models from across the spectrums of philosophy:

Multispectives is evolving as:
• An open, continuously developing philosophical system that borrows and considers all forms of thought and philosophy as holding equal potential for use in inquiry and theory
• A continuous thought process that is multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, multi-modal, integral and holistic
• A philosophy system that uses multiple and continuous cycles of muli-linear inquiry
• A thought process that acknowledges the dynamics of relativity in cycles of meaning
• An open, continuously evolving inquiry model that acknowledges cycles of system relativity
• An open, inquiry system that is continuosly changing due to its iterative cycles of interaction, inquiry and re-adaptation.

– Daniel Montano

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