New Product Experience Begins on the Web


Product Experience Begins on the Web
Best Practices to Support Corporate and Organizational Shoppers

When someone is shopping for a big ticket item for an organization they’re often asked to create a report to compare and contrast the top products and deliver an executive review or a presentation on the subject.

– find reliable good product that is efficient at accomplishing a task and less expensive over a 5 year period.
– find the top contenders
– compare the key features and key requirements
– calculate the ROI
– write an executive review
– put together a presentation on findings

You should ask your users what their goals are but If benchmark comparison is one of the top reasons why someone visits your product’s website – then it should have features to support this immediate goal.

The following is a list of features I found useful mixed in with some of my proposed ideas – I was thinking of high-end enterprise software products but some of these considerations might be worth exploring in other industries.

– Screen shots to see the interface. This helps to evaluate how easy or frustrating to use this product will be
– In some cases: materials to easily support the development of an Executive Review Document
– Flash animated introduction to the basic concept flows and features of the interface
– make it easy to sign up and immediately have access to the application for a trial period

– A downloadable powerpoint presentation with basic arguments as to why this product is better than others
Include the following:
– key features to be considered
– information on how your product’s user experience compares to competitor products
– screen shots
– link to an ROI calculator on your website to encourage users come back even if this feature is used to calculate ROI of competitor products
– live link and phone # of sales department on all documents and pages – primarily the last presentation slide
– tables showing how this product compares to its competition on several key factors

Show Your Product is Human-Centered
– show images of your users inteacting with the product in its environmental context
– use animations or video to show contextual use

– Daniel Montano

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