Socio-cultural Systems Analyst the Missing Face In Innovation?


Why are business analysts only analyzing business trends?

Where are the socio-cultural systems analysts? Where are the integral systems analysts that look at the arts, culture, politics, global and local trends and say “hey there’s an opportunity right there!”

Maybe we are not ready for this yet in the future we may need Multispective Systems Analysts to help us look at the markets, culture, the world and to connect all of those perspectives across history, and multicultural frames .

– Daniel Montaño
Author of Innovation Strategies of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. Analyzes the innovation strategies of P&G, Apple, IDEO, eBay, GE, Gillette, IBM, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, Target, Toyota, IKEA, Virgin, and companies nominated by BusinessWeek Magazine as the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” in ©2006 Daniel Montano


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