Social Innovation – Saving Democracy with Web 2.0?


You can’t be on the web and not realize that the world is a lot larger than you thought.
This is systems awareness and it is on the rise.

So, what’s next when it comes to innovation? Our social systems.

Yes, we are talking about our bureaucratic systems, about the interminably difficult systems we have in place that have lost their purpose, that are in serious need of innovation.

One of the issues that is getting attention is governmental system information. The public information we to have access to in order for democracy to work. This information is often trapped in jurasic databases or printed documents that are clunky, difficult to use and have limited exposure to their consumers.

The departmentalized information is getting unlocked and made freely available to people – ease of understanding of information is key to all systems.

How can you make your organization’s information more user friendly?
Hire information architects, information designers, illustrators. Think USA Today graphics, charts etc. One caveat these folks should first have a systems thinking background. They must understand the system’s interrelated dynamics to create truly useful information.

How to make information understandable?

Relevant links:
“Saving Democracy with Web 2.0”


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