The Key to TV’s Resurrection Innovation


If TV wants to get some blood back they have to team up or borrow the youtube model.

TV may use youtube as a “lab” and they can easily bring in folks or license the most successful content to re-use on TV.

But that’s not enough I’d like to see TV labs that are accessible to innovative video artists. I am talking about the folks with no names.

TV needs to open up their studies and let new independent folks come by and propose their ideas right there on the spot. A TV crew gets assigned to help the innovators make their wild ideas.

If you want to get this going you should contact folks that once worked for companies like Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) and I worked with both of these folks nearly ten years ago. The knew what they were doing – they were just a decade ahead of the times.

So, let’s get to work.

Relevant story on CNET

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