Smart Habitats: The Evolution of Real Estate is Here


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”Albert Einstein

What happens when you start mixing technology with architecture in search for a smarter, more ecologically responsible architecture?

Going green doesn’t just mean that you will not provide extra towels at a hotel and put up a couple of plants in your lobby. Being Green AND smart will require more than that.

Innovators need to start inching their way towards architecture that is smarter. Architecture that is smart within its socio-cultural context. Not all the new architecture should be green skyscrapers. The new architecture needs to take into consideration:
– The human experience
– social sustainability along with the other ecological developments.

Our social systems are part of this ecology and our new architecture should help to reconnect people. It should help to inform, share, interact and develop culture.

Green Skyscraper by Ken Yeang.

Ken Yeang has been leading the discussion on the construction of green skyscrapers that are basically cities in the sky.

I had an elaborate post here with links but I goofed my HTML code and it went down the pipes.

I will re-construct it over time.

Wikipedia direct link to Ken Yeang’s profile.

Books by Ken Yeang at archinform

Better Bricks interview with Ken Yeang.

Definition of the Sustainable Tower

Bioclimatic Skyscrapers

Perhaps one of the best links in this bunch. It has a lot of great images and examples on a global scale.

Hamzah Yeang firm

Kauian blog. Posts on ecology from the island perspective.


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