Multi-sensory alarms


Why is it that we have smoke alarms as standard in every home but we don’t have gas alarms?

In Los Angeles and other areas around the world millions of people suffer from severe allergies and other respiratory system disabilities. This means that at least a few million people cannot smell gas when its leaking.

This is dangerous – it’s life critical. We need to take this seriously enough to develop an “alarm” for gas leaks; just like we have developed smoke alarms. We need to install multi-sensory alarms that use not only sound, but lights also. These alarms need to be installed in every level of a house (depending on the context and dimension of the house they may even be needed inside of every room).

These gas-alarms should be standardized inside of every home.

As the designs get more sophisticated we need to consider having these alarms shut off the home’s main gas valve automatically. In areas like Los Angeles, where we have earthquakes these alarms with auto-shut-off valves should be standardized to prevent further catasthrophes during a severe earthquake. This feature should also be helpful in case a homeowner leaves their gas on before leaving home for an extended period.



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