Innovating from passive design to proactive design


On a previous post I wrote about gas-leak alarms (warning systems). I proposed that these gas alarms should automatically shut off gas valves to prevent accidents. This is an example of proactive design.

When it comes to life and death scenarios we may want to consider proactive designs that help prevent injuries or accidents.

Can you think of any life-or death scenarios that could be improved through proactive designs?

-Daniel Montaño

Spanish Language Posting
En un articulo anterior escribi hacerca de alarmas que alertan a las personas en casos de que se fuga el gas combustible. Tambien he propuesto pensar no solo de alarmas basicas pero pensar en systemas de guardia que toman la iniciative de accion que previene accidentes y escenarios peligrosos.

Los productos o systemas que previenen accidented viaje acciones propias y computadas son productos del diseño proactivo o diseño activo.

-Daniel Montaño
Author of Innovation Strategies of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. ©2006 Daniel Montano.


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