PDA Repetitive Use Injury


Well, it ran the full course, from denials thumb injury is just a theory to clinical recognition of the problems caused by repetitive PDA embedded keyboard overuse.

Underemphasizing the risk of thumb injuries such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and arthritis – may be one strategy to deal with this situation, (usually combined with a secondary tactic — “hope that it goes away”).

But those that take this route may also realize that lawyers are keeping track of the issue.

How do we prevent these type of lawsuits? One solution may be to hire Human Factors professionals that can evaluate and inform the process of developing usable interfaces.

If you need to convince your CEO or manager to hire a human factors professional you may want to calculate lawyer fees + average settlement amount for similar injuries + medical bills, + pain and suffering, loss of work etc. How does that compare to hiring a human factors professional?. One hint – the preventive route, the (human factors route) should be cheaper.

If you want further proof of how much you can save by hiring a human factors specialist type in “blackberry thumb” or “PDA thumb injury” in your favorite search engine and see the articles that keep on costing the brand money year after year.

Hiring a human factors professional is an innovation that will help your company develop better products and a professional that will save you many times his or her salary amount.

A human factors specialist will question who are the users of this product that may “overuse” the products and injure themselves in the course? They will study the specific scenarios and design tools and interactions that support user task goals while minimizing risk of injury.

Daniel Montano
Author of Innovation Strategies of the World’s Most Innovative Companies


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