Information architecture is an innovation method that creates products with high value


Some searching algorithms and information organization schemas can be patented. These are valuable products designed by information architects and interaction designers. To find proof of how valuable they are you only have to look at the multi-million dollar value of the most popular web searching companies. Amost the entire value of the search engines are due to the value of the information architecture products.

Most companies are highly dependent on searching and in the organizing of information. If your customers can’t find the products they want or the services they need or any other customer-valued element then your online presence may be in need of information architecture innovation.

As I said, some information architecture algorithms may be patented. Some companies have decided to “borrow” these algorithms products and pose them as their own innovations. These same companies have had to eventually pay in court for this mistake. This year one company had to pay 100 million dollars in court settlement for using someone else’s search and organization algorithm in a digital music player. This is an example of how valuable information architecture products can be.

Companies may want to consider their need for information architecture as an innovation method. Information architecture helps to organize information and improves findability and navigation through systems. Any business that can benefit from these basic needs may benefit from information architecture products.


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