Book on Social Innovation


Someone sent me a link regarding a book that deserves attention. It seems to be covering some of the same “humane systems” topics I have been mentioning on this blog.

The book’s website describes the following:

The Worldchanging book contains over 600 pages, divided into 7 sections which include a vast range of topics.

– green design, biomimicry, sustainable food, clothing, trade and technology

– green building and landscaping, clean energy, water, disaster relief and humanitarian design

– smart growth, sustainable communities, transportation, greening infrastructure, product-service systems, leapfrogging and megacity challenges

– education, women’s rights, public health, holistic approaches to community development, South-South science, social entrepreneurship and micro-lending, and philanthropy

– socially responsible investment, worldchanging start-ups, ecological economics, corporate social responsibility and green business

– networked politics, new media, transparency, human rights, non-violent revolution and peacemaking

– big picture — everything from placing oneself in a bioregion to climate foresight to environmental history to green space exploration

Visit the book’s website.

– Daniel Montano


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