Closed systems will become extinct over time


Closed systems perish. They will athrophy over time and perish.
I believe that open systems are “fit” to survive and “evolve”/change indefinitively in a world of continuous change.

If you are going to innovate a system you may want to keep the system open.
– connect it with other systems
– stage relationship building between systems
– open the system up by encouraging free and continuous exchange of all vital elements between systems
– encourage the continuous free flow of individuals, energy and value between systems
– encourage the continuous circulation and free flow of energy* among all entities in the related systems
– eliminate borders and create permeable, hybrid and liminal frameworks – in other words, integrate the systems, or connect the systems to the point that it becomes unclear where one system starts and where another one begins

I believe that any system that contstricts these dynamics I described here will atrophy and perish.

How does this relate to the current issues we are facing in the world? in our nation? in our businesses? In our communities? In our families? In our bodies?

How does this relate to economics, politics, social dynamics, culture?

*We need to expand our concepts of “energy”. Information is energy, so is attention, action, thought, discussion, knowledge, access, empathy — energy takes many other forms.

The web is almost an open system. When everyone has access to computers and web connections, when everyone has the ability to voice their ideas on the web freely without censorship -then it will become an open system.

When it reaches that point it will become one of the most nature-like systems that human-kind has created. Our systems need to emulate nature and if we lack imagination we can start by emulating the way the web works.

-©2006 Daniel Montano
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