Innovation: Cultural Competence and collaboration tools.


First, a definition from Wikipedia:

Cultural competence is a term used for the ability of people of one culture to understand and feel comfortable with the cultures of other people. The term is fairly recent but is becoming widely used in the field of education and healthcare regulatory compliance within the United States, to discuss acceptance of persons from a wide array of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
Cultural competency is a measurable construct against which individuals and organizations can be assessed. Training (through a non defect approach) of persons or systems can then be implemented to improve cultural acceptance. Cultural Competence can also denote a state of Cultural Health.

There is a lot of talk and action on global collaboration tools but I question how effective these tools will be on the grand scheme of things if we don’t focus first on cultural competence.

We need cultural competence publications, training, videos, websites etc.

Who should be paying attention here?
Well, all of us but perhaps more importantly our leaders in this technology:
– Cisco
– Oracle
– Microsoft
– others

Read the full Wikipedia entry>>

Excellence in Cultural Competence Training and Education:
A Compendium of Best Practices -Virginia Commonwealth University

Online Resources


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