Parental stress and our Social System Innovation


Mental health America conducted some research that found that the most stressed individuals in our American society are parents.

What is stressing them?
The medical results
Cardiac disorders

Dealing with stress
How we perceive a situiation is important
Monitoring how we are feeling is important
In other words, thinking skills are essential.

We need innovations here:
– we need innovations that help us learn how to think in ways that reduce stress
– innovations that help us understand and monitor depression (not drugs)
– anxiety monitoring tools and tools to help us deal with it (not drugs)
– tools / training that help us understand our emotions our feelings
– social innovation in the African American and Latino communities to enhance education.
– books, better schools, more libraries, turoring centers, bilingual parental tools to help parents tutor their children, )
– We need culturally competent tools and systems to addres the needs of individuals in poverty.
– social innovation to remove individuals from the cycle of poverty
– business innnovation that helps to reduce unemployment
– tools that help parents accomplish more at home (while living with time poverty)
– cultural competent systems


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