Social Innovation: Continuing Ecovillage Design Iterations


It’s time to take another look at the idea of the ecovillage. We have new tools, new technologies, and new climate-driven (ecologically-driven) innovation requirements.

Quoting from Wikipedia:

An ecovillage usually relies on:
“Green” infrastructural capital;
• autonomous building or clustered housing, to minimize ecological footprint;
• renewable energy;
• permaculture;
• cohousing or other forms of supportive community [dynamic, multipurpose, multi-use buildings?]

The goal of most ecovillages is to be a Sustainable habitat providing for most of its needs on site.

[I added a comment in brackets.]

The idea of the ecovillage may be complimentary to the ideas promoted by the architecture of Ken Yeang. (in previous blog posts, in this blog.)

Innovators may benefit from exploring what has already been documented and experimented on in this field. We may use those ideas and findings to accelerate our innovations.

-Daniel Montano


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