Systemic Relativity: Measuring Innovation Metrics with Systems Awareness


Measuring within an interrelated system can be very complex. It’s not a simple cause and effect equation. There are many factors affecting the overall performance of an innovation strategy within an organization.

A change in one part of the organization may affect / trigger a change in another section of the organization.

We need innovations in our measuring tools. We need holistic, system-wide measuring tools that take into consideration the relativity of factors, changes, strategies etc. (even those that are “outside” the perceived boundaries of your organization).

We also need innovation metrics that take into consideration metrics in value across all of our organization systems, and those of the macro-systems: including cultural, social, ecological, etc. We need organizations to report with pride that they have been able to affect our systems and environments in a positive way.

Anything less than this has the risk of being considered a myopic measurement.

Metrics Enabled Manifesto
All innovations should be metrics enabled so that they collect data about the factors they affect. The wider we are able to connect the effect-relation of the innovation the more accurate this metrics will be.

-Daniel Montano


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