Innovation ethics. It’s simple. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.


Some innovation ideas sound good in the beginning. But sometimes, somewhere in the back of our heads we also know that they violate unwritten rules of fairness and respect towards your very own user / client / customer / consumer / supporter.

What happens next? Well, here is an example.

T-Mobile facing class-action lawsuit over early-term fees
A new lawsuit that targets the fourth-largest carrier – T-Mobile USA – said T-Mobile USA’s practice of charging subscribers $200 for canceling service before the end of their contract violates as many as 13 state consumer protections laws.Read the orriginal blog posting >>

Sooner or later we find out that our conscience was right. It will always be right when it is grossly uneven against the interest of your very own supporters / clients / customers.

It’s folk knowledge – “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

Read it from Yahoo >>

Read it from BusinessWeek Online >>


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