Liminal products: bluring the lines between art and everyday products


The odyssey bag includes an elegant design on its flap which is different in every bag.

Artist-designer Andrea Toyias (from creates bags that blur the framework of art to create products that contain one-of-a-kind design elements.

Toyias teams up with her husband, an architect who worked in John Pawson’s firm in London, to bring about minimal but fullly functional pieces of post-modernist experiential architecture.

The design on the Odysey flap reminds me of John Cage’s chance-artworks, the spills-paintings of Jackson Pollock and the vector-based designs of techno-digital graphic artists.

Her design style exists in a liminal space that synthesizes: high modernism, retro-futurism, techno-futurism into a postmodern synergetic design.

Odysey bag by Andrea Toyias at silent-revolution. Model, artist Linda Kim.

Visit the Silent-Revolution site >>

-Daniel Montano


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