Re-forming Information: Information has limitless forms.


What does information and data look like?

For example what does spam (as in emails you didn’t request) look like?
Well, it usually says something about viagra or some foreign prince that wants you to hold few millions of dollars for him…

Are you sure?

What it looks like and what all information looks like depends on how creative you are and which tools you use to process it.

spam architecture model
Alex Dragulescu’s Spam Architecture model based on the interpretation of spam as architectural form.

These architectural models are text re-formed into architecture. This means that this architectural model is also a sentence or a few sentences. This makes me look forward to a time when our cities will become beautiful poems that we can see and read. Cities and homes we can read, inhabit and integrate as essential parts of other systems.

Not just text but music as information
What does music as information and eventually as image look like?
Well, visit Dragulescu’s site and check it out– you won’t be dissapointed.

Disruptive Innovator’s Idea
Filters and algorithms that allow mail service users to receive spam – as long as it is in the form of images.

when life gives you lemons……”.


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