The evolution of interfaces and Apple’s New Patent


I have been thinking about interfaces and about how they may evolve from where we are at the moment.

In some contexts, cool and sleek interfaces will eventually be replaced by more minimal interfaces that “think” and “decide” by themselves more and more.

We may see combinations of:

• where we are now: visual interface, video, audio, voice command, automatization and some level of learning systems, some eyetracking,

• Brain-wave, eye-tracking, control and navigation interface

• Artifical inteligence – learning systems – the system learns more from our use, tasks and habits

• Advanced cybernetic systems

• Learning systems + expert systems – learns from our use and makes automatic decisions based on established protocols and best practices

• Contextual learning systems with bio-feedback and hypersensorial feedback. This interface does everything as the systems above but takes environmental, location, time and biofeedback into consideration before taking action or suggesting data/information/actions

• Macro-contextual systems. May use all of the above and more. This would take into consideration real-time world-wide data/feedback, eco-feedback, bio-feedback, social-feedback – it is the ultimate adaptation tool. It would create and provide relational data so we can see with our own eyes the relationships in the data.

Disruptive innovators might want to skip forward all the way to the Macro-contextual systems.

On the short-term
Companies like Apple are going retro on the interface.

Image from a patent submited by Apple recently. (Source: U.S. Patent Office #061116 and via Creative Juice blog.)

See bigger pictures and read the entire blogpost from the Creative Juice Blog


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