City usability: Millions of americans spend up to a month locked inside their cars


In cities like Los Angeles where people spend around two hours per day commuting to/from work the usability of the city is questionable.

The average speeds during rush hour in the freeway is 15 miles per hour. As a result of this, Americans end up spending around 24 days locked in side their cars (in some cases, I would expect up to a month).

When we look at time in this we can understand why a good number of us wonder “where did the time go?”.

How do we feel about spending a month locked inside our cars?
Does this affect our participation in our system relationships? (children, families, friendships, work, communities, political system, social systems)
How does this affect stress / depression / mental health?
How does this affect our emotional health? our mood?
How does this affect our personal energy levels?
How does this contribute / detract from to our personal / social goals?
How does this affect our mortality? (auto accidents)
How does this affect our finances? (auto accidents, gasoline, auto insurance)?

If we need innovations what kind of innovations do we need? Who needs to change? Why?

-Daniel Montano


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