The usability of education and the threatened survival of our sytems


Abstract: Knowledge and education needs to be designed and packaged with usability in mind. Knowledge and education needs to be accessible to all as an essential element to the survival of all our systems.

Information and knowledge without common understanding is not fully usable. Knowledge and education without common access by all individuals atrophies. Today we have the knowledge to make some amazing, positive changes in our systems – we are simply not sharing knowlege across all the parts of our systems.

We may benefit from thinking of knowledge and education as essential element like food, air, or water that needs to be circulated through the entire network of our systems.

As an metaphor, think about your body. Your body is a system made up of smaller and smaller systems. All of these systems from the biggest (our skin) to the smallest (cells) needs air, food and water – the essential nutrients.

We would not think of limiting nutrients to only a couple of your organs or only to 1% of your cells would you?

You would not put a torniquet around your neck to limit the circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen only to your brain would you?

You already know why. You know that if you do that all of your systems will fail and you will die.

That is what we are doing today. We have put torniquets around the neck of most of our systems (social, educational, political, financial, medical, organizational, familial, individual, ecological, philosophical etc)

This torniquet is man-made. This torniquet is weaved from fibers of logic (a lot due to binary logic). It is weaved from fibers of thought models (philosophies), beliefs, ideologies, limited perception, limited concepts of value, system myopia.

A lot of these cognitive models were designed hundreds of years ago to address problems under different contexts. They were designed by individuals with their perception and education of the time. Things have changed. We have new tools. We have new technologies. We have new scientific discoveries. We are simply not using all of that knowledge.

We are not acting with the full span of our current abilities.

We are under a state of atrophy. Our systems are suffocating for the lack of innovation.

We need to remove the cognitive torniquets from our systems. We need thinking innovation. We need cross-disciplinary or interrelational systems education. We need interrelational education that explores how things are related. We need to make the knowledge that results from these efforts accessible, and usable for all system participants. This is the key to our adaptation across all our systems. This is key to the evolution of our thinking and problem-solving skills. It is also the key to the constant evolution of our sytems.

– Daniel Montano


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