Linguistic-concept innovations


Re: Linguistic usability. Linguistic human factors. Lingual-psychological user/performer experience.

Requirements for language innovations

We need contextual awareness to be inserted into our concepts, ideas and words.

We need our concepts to integrate a consideration for constant, cyclical change.

When we introduce the idea that meaning and experience happens in cycles and it is in constant change our words must become process oriented.

This is an effort to have the word itself remind us that meaning is a cyclical process. It changes with every cycle.

One of the easiest ways to introduce the idea of a cycle in a word is to insert the prefix “Re-” in front of the word. We already have words like “Re-think”, “Re-consider”, “Re-visit” and others. We need more.

Contextual Re-understanding – points towards the need to enter into continuous cycles of understanding. As we (and our systems) change we understand ideas differently.

Obviously, this word is a bit long and clunky, this is where we could use innovation. We need something that sounds like one word and it’s easy to pronounce.

-Daniel Montano


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