Re-configuring beliefs to innovate thinking.


RE: Usability and user experience of your thought system-network.

Beliefs are like “conclusions” we arrive at after thoughtful consideration (or after being persuaded).

Here is a belief i have:
If we re-combine and re-question our beliefs networks and introduce macro-empathy and a macro-relativist multispective we should be able to expand our thought system-network.

And now in English.
If we take what we believe and pretend that it could be another way this opens our thinking. If we take this open thinking and acknowledge that everyone across cultures, regions, time periods has a different perspective we may come to the conclusion that there are many other possibilities.

The next step if for us to try to assimilate each of these perspectives. Perhaps this is an impossible task (because eveything is always changing) but our mere attempt is a great step towards more open and dynamic thinking.

This type of thinking is akin to what I have been calling multispective analysis. In plain English we may also recognize it as a type of “macro-empathy”. Because of this I believe that empathy may be an important element to open thought models.

-Daniel Montano

Read an interesting paper by Eric Horvitz.“Ideal Reformulation of Belief Networks”

Macro-relativist: a word I used to signify the relativity of all frameworks and systems (ecological, contextual, time-based, cultural, biological, ideological,etc) across the entire world.

A “wide”, cross-system, cross-network empathy. Awareness and conscience of those in other systems “outside” of your immediate perception.


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