A call for non-profit organization integration


Non-profit organizations are getting caught in the same traps as for-profit organizations. They are falling into “either / or” binary thinking.

They are competing for resources rather than collaborating to maximize the use-value of resources.

There are organizations that refuse to share knowledge and resources with others within the non-profit network.

Non-profit organizations should be leading the way in networking efforts and collaboration.

We may want to explore the following types of collaborations:
– sharing resources (office spaces, knowledge, information, contacts, supplies, databases, employees, computers, servers, other contracts expenses, other resources etc.

– re-use. Share resources that can be re-used.

– create an digital network where non-profit “wealth” may be shared (reseach, studies, information, networks, etc.)

– create a non-profit organization that focuses on networking non-profit needs with non-profit solutions.

-Daniel Montano


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