Innovation vocabulary: Adaptive Capacity


As innovators we need to design systems that support the social development of

Quoting from Wikipedia:

Adaptive Capacity applies to both ecological systems and human social systems.

As applied to human social systems, the adaptive capacity is determined by :
* the ability of institutions and networks to learn, and store knowledge and experience.
* creative flexibility in decision making and problem solving
* the existence of power structures that are responsive and consider the needs of all stakeholders

— end quote —

How to strenghten our adaptive capacity 

To raise the Adaptive Capacity in our systems we may arrive at the following requirements:

– network all systems at all levels. This means technology and computers for everyones, cities that support social interaction, houses that support the development of relationships. In plain English Reconnect all systems and system participants.

– open and self-educational systems – e.g education delivered online by educated individuals.

– work on learning systems and self-learning

– work on documenting and storing experiential knowledge

– work on decision-making tools and models

– expand our problem-solving skills

– we need to use macro-systems re-understanding to expand our conceptss of the stakeholders


Read the whole Wikipedia entry >>


One thought on “Innovation vocabulary: Adaptive Capacity

  1. Roo

    Your steps to increasing adaptive capacity are a bit weak. May I add something a bit more concrete?

    – Learn from interesting people. Most things other people say or do are new to me and probably to you. So go join the circus or hang out with some punk rockers–anybody that doesn’t act like you. Even your apparently boring neighbor has a unique worldview.

    -Imitation is the first step to learning. Imitating actions is a good place to start, but I think the goal should be gaining the ability to imitate thought patterns, since your brain is the most flexible part of you. Don’t worry about losing yourself, you are adding not subtracting.

    -Everything is learnable. Dance steps, idioms, styles, outlooks, lifestyles. You can pick and choose the things you like and keep them.

    -Your personality is also contagious, so try to be someone you like. Simple things are more contagious, like “your mom” jokes.

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