Chaos = Crisis innovation


I believe that chaos = crisis innovation (desperate innovation).
I believe that systems that are not innovative enough, systems that are not always changing (rigid, static, systems nearing atrophy) enter a state of chaos.

The state of chaos is the systems “last resort”. It is the system’s desperate attempt to create change.

What can we do?We must also recognize that chaos-crisis exist in most if not all systems that are in a state of atrophy. So, what we need to do is shift over to Open Dynamic Systems that are in a continuous state of innovation.

I propose that Open Dynamic Systems are in continuous cycles of :

– cycles of self-monitoring,

– cycles of humane change actions

– Circulation cycles: circulating essential entities and energies through their open “gates”

– Circulation cycles: Circulating essential, humane entities through all sections, levels and areas of the system networks.

– Communication cycles: Encouraging humane communication and the flow of humane multinformation between all system entities.

– Cycles of humane forms of energy transformation, re-use, recycling, re-purposing, re-formation

-Daniel Montano


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