Language and reality. How we tag reality so you know where it begins.


We use language to affirm reality. We create words to delimit where “alternative realities” begins and end.

We create language to define our logical frameworks. For example, the word “really” is a framework delimiter designed to communicate something along the veins of:
“…just kidding, everything I say from now on is the real…”

Ok, so perhaps it’s not that poetic but I hope you get the idea.

Other delimiters we use to “tag” reality are reality-value-judgements:

– “The real situation…”, “…but the reality of the situation is…”

– “…but that’s theory. Our research proves…”

– “…that’s speculation. We have the data that shows…”

– “…I have never heard of him. My accreditation and degree from a well-known university…”

– “…That’s so old. Today we belive in…”

– “…the truth is that…”, “…the truth of the matter is…”

– “True X always do Y.” “True philosphers don’t joke around. They write dense stuff we can’t understand.”

– “Good philosophy is…”, “Bad thinking is…”

– “That is not allowed. Policy states that…”

Temp Conclusion:

We collectively contribute towards the staging of reality. We compete towards the creation of reality. We argue for reality.

We do this within the limitations and constrainsts set up by macro-system controllers (the powerful men that set the rules of our systems: govenrments, religions, ideologies). The rules of reality are partially the same as the rules of the systems that we are in (nations, families, self, world).

Dynamc vocaculary:

Collective reality is determined by the collective group.

Individual reality is determined by the individual as s/he interacts with the collective reality and with personal belief-networks.

Reality: unqualified reality is assumed to be “The Reality”. Like “The Truth” it may be the ultimate goal, the ideal that we are always trying to acchieve but we never really do. Basically, reality is one of the carrots we chase in circles. It’s part of the basic engine of human existence.

– Daniel Montano


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