Reality begins with thought and change


Look around you.

Most of the systems and structures around you began as a dream, as a thought, as an idea, as a hunch, as an emotion, as a combination of human experience-expression or perhaps as an ambiguous feeling in your stomach that you can’t identify as hunger gas or loneliness.
But really, most of our man-made systems are the direct result of the interaction and relation between ideas, thoughts, and philosophies.

Think of thought as the DNA for reality.

If we use binary logic we might pose that if we all stop thinking, if everything stops changing, if everything-everyone stops communicating then reality stops.

While binary logic is oodles of fun, I tend to steer clear from it but enjoy this logical binary-possiblity for for a while before I start part two of this posting …

(To be continued)

– Daniel Montano


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