From Dialectics to Multilectics


Dialectics poses two opposing forces that may seem to be against each other as complimentary forces.

I would like to propose the concept of multilectics.

First, to further remove ourselves from the either/or dynamics of the binary opposition between these two forces.

Second to remind ourselves that many seemingly opposing multiple forces may also be  complimentary, collaborative and collectively seeking an infinite number of common goals.

The commonality of these multiple forces can be complex, it could vary, context, variables, cycle, intensitey, commitment etc.  But the commonality of macro-goals may still be there waiting to be discovered, encouraged, inspired and reinforced.

We may be talking of macro-goals like:

  • – human survival
  • – ecosystems survival
  • – world peace
  • – ending world hunger
  • – world healthcare
  • – world education, etc.

– Daniel Montano


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