Innovation need: Multirelational networks


A system without senses is a system that is destined to fail.

We need all our systems to grow neural networks, we need all our systems to grow-brains and nervous systems. We need our systems to provide us continuous cycles of feedback.

A system without senses is blind, deaf, and numb. This is a recipe for system failure.

This is a drawing by an artist, Mark Lombardi. He drew this multi-relational map that included famous politicians (note the names on the right side, top to bottom).

We already have relational database systems (RDBMS), we need multi-system, multirelational networks.

The development of this type of network will multiply the value of information. It will be like a prism for value. It will stage social value, organizational value, business value, investor value, governmental value.

Social responsibility, transparency and accountability hinges on the development of this macro-system relationship models. If we don’t do this we are at the risk complex white collar crimes and other organizational abuses as we have seen in recent years.

This may be an opportunity for social entrepreneurs and open source developers.

– Daniel Montano


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