Pointer to: “Relationships in Complex Adaptive Systems”


Systems thinking and related concepts like tectology, cybernetics, and complexity have been promoted as possible models for system organization.

Arguably, the models of all of these thought models may be applied across our systems as a form of experimentation, (across, socio-cultural, psycho-cognitive systems etc)

I found this article called “Relationships in Complex Adaptive Systems”, which summarizes points from a presentation by Ralph Stacey, Ph.D.

It pushes for diversity (in my opinion a direct result of system sub-division), as a key factor in innovation.  Go to the article >> 

-Daniel Montano


One thought on “Pointer to: “Relationships in Complex Adaptive Systems”

  1. I work with an innovative non-profit at a detention center for teenage males (basically gangbangers). I agree with The Stacey thoughts on organizational dymanics as we have been using the same basic idea in a nature-based rites of passage curriculum using a fundamental agreement of respect that apply to all, including mentors, but with the ability to re-create the moment when “subversion” arises.

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