Social energy tools: the key to new products and systems


Summary: I am proposing that the first law of thermodynamics (energy cannot be created nor destroyed) applies also to social energies.

I think that another natural pattern in natural systems is the recycling and or transformation of energies.

This means that if we subscribe to the idea that natural systems are the ideal systems then we may want to start moving towards the exploration of energy recycling across the board of all our systems.

I am not talking about green energy only. There is enough material out ther on this.

What I am talking about is energy in socio-cultural-psycho-cognitive systems.

the first law of thermodynamics poses that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

My understanding of this is that energy is in constant cycles of transformation and re-cycling.

So, if this is true which energies present in our socio-cultural-psycho, cognitive systems can we transform, and re-use?

Personally I don’t know the answer, but we need to start thinking about this.

Here is a list of energies to get us started:

  • information
  • empathy
  • support
  • hope, inspiration
  • attention
  • affection
  • connection
  • sexual
  • friendship
  • trust
  • communication
  • thought
  • most forms of human interaction
  • human peformance
  • arts, aesthetics, design
  • all types / forms of creativity
  • all forms of philosophy
  • sharing of information
  • collaboration
  • contribution
  • etc (see my list of social system attractors for more ideas.)

Here is the opportunity:

Products, and systems need to start focusing on these social energies. They may want to start focusing on the tasks / uses of these energies.

Here is a list of possible human-energy use/interactions:

  • digested / re-digested
  • experienced / re-experienced
  • shared with wider networks
  • multiplied
  • formed / re-formed
  • transformed / re-transformed
  • recycled
  • designed
  • used / re-used
  • communicated
  • interpreted / re-interpreted
  • etc

 Dynamic Vocabulary:Social energies: A concept I propose to point towards the possible existence of a type of energies that humans interact with, posses, use, and share. The concept is propose as an effort to re-humanize our systems and in order to raise the quality of life of all humans. This concept  may-be used to propel new innovations across social attractors.

-Daniel Montano


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