Multivalue Concept: from single value to multiple concepts of value


I have been proposing that most if not all systems sub-divide as an effort to promote diversity, change, evolution and innovation. In this post I propose: (1) that value concepts subdivide; (2) our current single value system is limited, (it mostly recognizes money as the single common value concept); (3). We can evolve our systems to recognize multiple values and operate on multiple economic systems.

We all work for money but in the end is not the green paper that we want but the entities that we exchange for this paper. Some of the concepts we value – we are able to buy – others, we are only able to facilitate or compliment but we are never able to “buy” them.

Arguably these same priceless entities are also the ones we desire the most: love, friendship, honesty, sincerity, loyalty, etc. These are concepts that are closely related to, attitudes, ideas, values, morals etc. They are also products of our personal and cultural systems.

As we begin to recognize how our environments nurture who we and our communities become we realize that our investment into our communities is the fertile ground for the value concepts we cherish the most.

In order to encourage these types of value we begin to realize that sometimes we need to invest the same human energies we desire into our communities.
We begin to realize that these human energy investments may help us grow better neighborhoods and better communities.

We are also beginning to realize that our environmental and ecosystem health indirectly affects us across the board in our businesses, our families, our personal health, and our healthcare costs.

Afterall what good is all the money in the world if you and/or your family lacks health ?

What good is all the money in the world if you can’t trusth anyone because we are caught up in a violent, back-stabbing, cannibalistic cultures driven by greed?

The value that we value the most is hidden in our socio-ecological systems. It is hidden in our socio-cultural dynamics, it is hidden in our social relationships, it is hidden in our natural systems, it is hidden within ourselves.

But if we recognize multiple value concepts what does that say about systems that are based on one unit of value and value accountability (money) ?

Is it time to evolve our systems to recognize other value concepts, other exchange dynamics?

We may want to evolve our systems to recognize the need for individuals to not only work in our businesses but also work in our communities by sharing their human energy within them.

Can we have multivalue socio-cultural-economic systems?

How about multi-economic-systems?

Social value ? Social entrepreneurship? Social-capital?  “Social Capitalism” ?

Hmm…how do we measure and evaluate new concepts of value, multi-units of exchange within these dynamic systems ?

This is where social entrepreneurs need to come in. Social entrepreneurs need to lead the way in defining new socio-ecologic value concepts. They need to lead the way in defining exchange systems that promote socio-ecological value.

-Daniel Montano

Social Capitalism: a system that has the potential to recognize multivalue, including socio-ecological value. It is an evolution of our current, single value (money-centered) traditional capitalism.


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