Multinformation and Multispective analysis


I have been proposing the term “multinformation” as a term that acknowledges the multiple forms of information.

I have also been proposing the term “multispectives” a term that has a more dynamic meaning to me but in this context we’ll define it as analysis from “multiple perspectives”. (search my other blog postings for other extensive definitions).

The reason that I am proposing these two terms is that I believe that they can help open up our systems of awareness, thought and problem solving. I also believe that they are key to the development of unused intelligences.

For those in the business of innovation these two ideas will open up your ability to find value and understand how it’s not value but “values” (value in my opinion is infinite).

For those in the business of science it will help you find answers in places you never expected them to be.

For those in the business of information architecture, you will find that multinformation and multispectives may provide insights that will recharge your field.

Well, I’ll stop here for now…we can go down the list for a while…both of these concepts are value multipliers. They are like mathematical formulas that multiply concepts, and ideas.

-Daniel Montano


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