Social attractors and social change


Attractors keep systems interested, involved and engaged. These are the cultural ideals that keep people engaged in a system keeping to keep the system alive.

If your system acts against any “natural” attractor it will suffer the threat of system failure.

The reason our world socio-cultural-economic-political systems are entering chaos is because they are inbalanced across the board of these humane interests (these social attractors).

The current systems still have the option to adapt to a more humane (across the board increased fulfillment of social goals).

If the current systems don’t adapt they will enter chaos innovation cycles that will force change. The chaos is more likely to happen across the board of each attractor.

There are many “grays” in between but the other major change option is the dismantaling or transformation of the system into a hybrid system that resembles the current system but is different enough to promote across the board balance.

This is system evolution.

The social attractors may be:

  • balance (across the board)
  • reaching human potential
  • survival of all species (ecosystems)
  • peace for all
  • love for all
  • reproduction for all (who wish)
  • homes for everyone
  • healthcare for all
  • energy for all
  • happiness for all
  • end of diseases for all
  • education for everyone
  • end of world hunger
  • work for everyone
  • hope, desire, optimism
  • humane systems for all
  • human rights for all
  • freedom for all
  • the absence of crime for all
  • empathy for all
  • equal power for all
  • justice for all
  • system success for all
  • etc

Social Innovation vocabulary: Deep ecology

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