System limits, human intelligences and Multispective analysis.


I have been proposing that intelligence, like most natural systems, sub-divides (multiplies).

I am also proposing that this, potentially infinite, intelligence is limited by the architecture of our man-made systems. (natural systems encourage the multiplication of intelligence but most of our man-made systems suffocate intelligences).

Most man-made systems are designed with a lot of rules for thought and behavior.

I will encourage you to look for these limitations, rules, restrictions, policies, and other delimiters of “system acceptable thought” vs. “system unacceptable thought” (notice that binary logic, either /or fallacy there).

(I am not proposing that systems should not have rules. That’s a big discussion that we’ll leave for later.)

For now, focus on becoming aware of rules of thought, and rules of behavior. Pay attention as to how they shift, change, transform, across different spaces, contexts, times, relationships, etc.

Notice how the following systems affect intelligences / thought/ actions:

– Language, communication, education, culture, dominant philosophies, dominant logic models, dominant emotional models, dominant understandings, dominant ideologies, dominant forms of problem solving, “best practices”, rules, established patterns, formulas, (pay attention to system dynamics of anything that is dominant rather than diversified).

Basically, become a multispective relationship analyst.

-Daniel Montano

Dynamic vocabulary:

A multispective relationship analyst pays attention to the multi-system dynamics of relationships between entities. (notice the use “entities” rather than people).


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