Most problems are also solutions


Most problems were solutions at one point or another. They may also be solutions right now – from the perspective of a number of people.
These solutions were/are adjustments within one system that triggered a serious of other changes that led to the current system dynamics.

In other words, someone solved their problem but that triggered other problems, for themselves and/or for others (today or over time).

This may be the result of myopic thinking. This may also be the result of people solving problems in a way that only benefit them (or their group(s)) without thinking about the bigger network of systems. (I am proposing the terms Network blindness, system blindness to describe this.)

Sometimes people are aware about the possible risk scenarios for others while they still continue on with their myopic-solution, selfish-solution or false solution. This is where a number of our current dilemmas seem to stem from.

Network responsibility may be a term used to describe a type of responsibility that spans beyond the self, and the immediate group(s). It widens the scope of responsibility and accountability.

– Daniel Montano


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