A concept of the human network


I have been thinking about a diagram to represent a wider human network taxonomy than what I am used to thinking about.

It may look something like this (from micro to macro)(a semi-non-linear taxonomy):

– Subatomic systems
– Atomic systems
– Electro-chemical systems
– Cell-subsystems
– Cells systems
– Network of cells
– Tissue systems
– Organ systems
– Circulatory systems (e.g. air, water, heat, nutrients, oxygen etc)
– Nervous system
– Thought system (arguably all of the systems working together, including external phenomena)
– Ecosystems
– Idea system
– Belief system
– Cultural systems (bi-cultural and contextual-multi-cultural)
– Social systems
– (it keeps going…)

Most of these may be open systems. Some are more rigid and closed than others, but they all leave enough room for intake and expulsion circulation cycles.

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