Emotional transformation from anger to peaceful change


This is my concept of anger across 4 cognition non-linear feedback loops of awareness.

All the feedback loops span away and return to the processing individual, (A – Individual).

In cycle one (A – Individual) becomes aware of the situation and labels the emotion. Physical reactions may follow.

In cycle two the individual may be interpreting the cause via the recent or immediate experiential connection

Cycle three: we may witness (A – Individual) attribute the cause to an entity we perceive as “guilty”.

In cycle four: we may witness the (A-Individual) theorize or acknowledge the complex web of relationships across system networks. The responsibility gets re-distributed across the network. Physical actions like assault and may be minimized due to the recognition that the problem is more complex than anticipated. It also may move the individual away from “mis-directed” aggression towards an emotional transformation into peaceful democratic action.

System level issues must be addressed by the entire system in a collective, democratic and peaceful way.


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