Human intelligence. Self design, Self-limitation and cognitive evolution.


Every system seems to grow until it finds limitations to growth.

For man-made systems this may actually make sense in some areas. But limitations for natural systems may be a problem.

Limitations for natural systems are obstacles and barriers that nature will find a way around.

Natural systems depend on their full expansion for life.

Humans are natural systems. We are composed of other natural systems (e.g. organs, cells, networks, sub-systems etc).

Some of our natural sub-systems have, over time, designed themselves, through learning and analysis of the environments in which they live. Among the self-designed factors is our definition of “full expansion and full development”. This may be why our kidneys are not as big as texas or why humans are only as big as we are. We adapted to the resources available and to the limitations that were impossed on us by our environments (natural environment and man-made environment).

Our intelligence I believe is potentially infinite and unlimited. Today it may be limited by man-made systems such as:
– some beliefs
– some cultural factors
– some science
– Our intelligence may also be limited by the combined system dynamics

Man-made cultural factors such as limted language, limited vocabularies and limited communication forms and their compounded limitations on us affect the full expansion of our intelligence.

Scientific reports asserting that human can only perform this much through their “limited” cognitive abilities don’t help the situation. While some performance maximum may be measured in our population today this does not mean that this will be the case in the future.

We trust science. It leads our culture today. It shapes our belief system. This type of scientific reporting leads to beliefs that may affect the natural evolution of the human. If we re-introduced ambiguity and diminish the dogma in our scientific reporting we might discover (over time) that our cognitive abilities are indeed unlimited.

What can we do?
We can commit to analyzing and criticizing scientific statements about our cognitive abilities.

We can commit towards expanding our linguistic vocabularies across languages and vertically across one language.

We can commit to expanding our awareness of information types and the continuously evolving forms of information.

We can commit to expanding our means for communication.

We can commit to learning about thought models and to continuously expand their use

We can commit to expanding our use of non-verbal information processing

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