Evolutionary cycles as possible thought


I have come to the re-conclusion that evolution is a type of reasoning and problem-solving algorithm.

Evolution is nature’s way of innovating. It experiments, tries things out and then chooses the options that work the best for the context. It does this through continous cycles of experiementation.

The intelligence behind the world and universe is the intelligence of the natural universe itself. The universe is an autopoeitic system, it self-organizes and self-designs through long cycles of feedback and reasoning, a.k.a. “evolution”.

The universe is a slow thinking system. Evolution is a form of thought, a form of reasoning that is very slow (very patient with its experimentations). The loop of evolution takes millions of years.

My concern is that human beings are one of the successes and failures of the universe. Successful because we have been provided the tools for autopoesis and self-organization and unlimited multi-level sub-division. We have also been provided with the capacity to figure our the world’s patterns and to act in a way to protect our eco-system-self.

Today we are somewhat of a failure though. We still haven’t figured out how to self-organize and how to use our autopoesis to our full human potential to protect our own selves and to protect our natural environments.

We may just be beginning to enter a new era where we will learn how to do it.

See also: “Santiago Theory”, Maturana, Varela, autopoeisis,

-Daniel Montano

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