Mimesis: System sub-division


I have been proposing that most if not all systems sub-divides but I haven’t shown that many examples. I will try to collect examples to share.

I think it’s time for me to ellaborate on the types of systems sub-divisions.

In this case of the picture (Oak Capillaries) we can see that veins sub-divide into smaller and smaller versions of themselves – capillaries (but slighly different in nature). The purpose here seems to have several reasons behind it (reasoning by a tree?).

  1. expanding exploration areas where nutrients may be found
  2. diversifying efforts
  3. expanding absorbance area
  4. speeding absorption

Given that this is a tree the focus is on absorption but now let’s look at this picture again and pretend that we are actually looking at human capillaries. Now we have an absorption and delivery – circulation cycle. Sub -division here:

  1. increases circulation – delivery of nutrients for energy, also increases the removal of waste

In our social systems this means that you can centralize engines, pumps and other mechanics but you must specialize the delivery interfaces.

The delivery interfaces are both delivering and absorbing or removing waste.

How we consume our environments and transform them into human energy

In a social system this would be mirrored by a system that delivers the nutrients to the cell human organism.

In our bodies these are oxygen, water, air, blood, vitamins, elements, minerals (basically, we import copies of our environments into our bodies).

In our social systems we import our social environments: culture, knowledge, values, ethics, belief networks, logic models, thought models, limitation concepts, capacity concepts, human potential models, framework rules, rules of thought and behavior, cultural psychological models, cultural emotional-logics, communication models, language models, identity models, etc.

We injest our cultural-ecology and we transform it into our identity, our actions our interactions, our personality – into “ourselves”.

In other words we become a product of nature, a product of nurture and a product of our individual thought (personal culture).

We eat our environments and we, in our bodies, carry copies of the world inside of us (at the cellular, chemical level). This is why we and the earth are one interconnected and interdependent being.
(to be continued – and to be edited).

-Daniel Montano

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One thought on “Mimesis: System sub-division

  1. Roo

    That’s a pretty good metaphor, and I’d say with brains “you are what you eat” is even more applicable than bodies. But asides from a limited control of awareness/attention people don’t really choose what parts of culture they are ingesting. It is more like force-feeding with advertisements and peer-pressure and such. And ideas are not exactly inert like food nutrients are, they are more like parasitic. I guess you could call it interconnectedness but maybe mind-control is more appropriate. Do you really think cultural food gets transformed into us or the other way around?

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