Has Systems Thinking gone Hollywood ?


I was surprised to find out first hand that the film Happy Feet is not only a film about ecology but also about systems thinking and correlative thinking, and multiculturalism and communication, and the dangers of dogmatic thought, closed homogenous systems, and social stagnation.

Updated: 11-23-07

Most mysteries require the use of a form of systems thinking and correlation. Medical mysteries have to use systems thinking as they apply to biology.

Some TV medical mystery shows promote the correlation of workspace and home-space as possible causes of illness. Some episodes promote psycho-somatic and psychological reasons for disease. The result is a multi-system analysis of causal chains.

I have also seen some forensic shows that take into account animals, their diets, the cycles in vegetation growth, decay, breeding patterns of flies and their larvae, nesting materials for birds etc. In other words they take into consideration the entire crime scene and the associated cycles in closely related systems (e.g. animal life).


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